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Each stone has its own energetic properties and message to share with its wearer.  It is not at all unusual that the stones tell me which other stones that they wish to be combined with.  Each mala is unique and carries its own intuited name and message that it carries with it.

Custom Package - 

30 minute co-meditation, intuitively customized mala and intuited message.  Intentional meditation on the person for whom the mala is being made for while the mala is being hand-knotted.  Any mini messages that come up during that process will be voice recorded and texted.  

I can bring the malas to you!  In exchange for hosting a trunk show at either your home or your yoga studio, I offer a free 1/2 hour guided meditation on intention to your invited guests.  contact me directly for more information.  Depending on location, travel fee may apply.


Laura and Avril

While admiring a mala that my friend Avril was wearing, she unexpectedly took it off and placed it around my neck as a gift.  Touched by the gesture,  it soon became my favorite piece.  It  felt great energetically and reminded me of my dear friend.  I wanted to be able to make someone feel as special as that mala had made me feel.

It wasn't long before I thought of a friend I wanted to give a mala to; however  When I searched the marketplace, I couldn't find the combination of energetic stones and fashion that I wanted.

I took a class in making hand-knotted malas.  I had to redo my first one 3 times before I could get it just right!  When I discovered Robert Simmons "Book of Stones", it felt as though I was reading something that I had known all along. It wasn't long after that I went t to my first gem show and was able to put my hands on hundreds of different gemstones.  I could begin to intuitively sense the different energetic properties.  I fell in love!  And now I want to share that love, through a mala, with you. 

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