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Laura hand selects the gemstones and pendant, designs and hand-knots every mala and custom piece.

Malas both feel and look good.  They are a wonderful tool for meditating, strengthening intention and Sankalpa (the heart's way), inducing the relaxation response, and bringing energetic properties to your own energy field, as well as beautifully adorning the body for men and women.  Each one is lovingly handmade by me on the strongest nylon cord so that they can both be worn and used as a meditation tool.  These are individually made with natural gemstones, so each may have variations in color and size.   My intention is for people to find the mala and energetic properties that will serve and support them best.  Once a mala is completed, it spends some time in my large, 18" hand-hammered singing bowl from Nepal (another amazing gift from another amazing friend) I feel it helps to "wake up and intensify" the vibrations of the stones.  Learn more about malas here....

My Vision

I have been a therapeutic yoga and meditation educator for more than 20 years.  I teach individuals privately, as well as in groups and workshops.   I became particularly enamored with malas after being gifted one by a friend.  Since learning how to make them, I find that I not only use them in my meditation practice, but regularly wear them based on their energetic properties and what sort of support my energy system may be needing on any particular day.  The act of making them is a meditation all its own.


I am passionate about helping people to feel wonderful and working with gemstones and creating malas has become one more offering.   I  lovingly make each mala and  I  hold the intention for the happiness and well-being of whoever the new owner of that mala will be.

email if you want to find out more about my other therapeutic offerings.

My Story

Shakti Wellness Designs, llc

Laura Marie, C-IAYT, E-RYT

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