Custom Intuited Malas

A custom mala can be a wonderful and memorable gift for oneself or a dear loved one.  It can be a wonderful tool to help through a difficult time, or as an aid in spiritual and contemplation practices.  I love using mala to work with my sankalpa (heart's way of being).  I work directly and intuitively with clients to create custom malas.  This process begins by having a short chat with the person who wants the mala (or, in the case of a gift, the purchaser), to get a sense of the energy of who the mala is for.

After each mala is complete, it will spend time in either my quartz or antique brass singing bowl (the mala usually chooses which it prefers) as a way of initiating it to its new physical state of being as a partner in practice for the new owner.  I will also spend time with the mala in meditation and type up its intuited message that it wishes to share.

The investment for this process begins at $150.  The final cost depends on the price of the stones final stones selected.