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Laura and Avril

While admiring a mala that my friend Avril was wearing, she unexpectedly took it off and placed it around my neck as a gift.  Touched by the gesture,  it soon became my favorite piece.  It  felt great energetically and reminded me of my dear friend.  I wanted to be able to make someone feel as special as that mala had made me feel.

It wasn't long before I thought of a friend I wanted to give a mala to; however  When I searched the marketplace, I couldn't find the combination of energetic stones and fashion that I wanted.

So, I took a class in making hand-knotted malas.  I had to redo my first one 3 times before I could get it just right!  Then I discovered Robert Simmons "Book of Stones" which is widely regarded as the authority on the properties of gemstones.  It wasn't long after that I went t to my first international gem show and was able to put my hands hundreds of different gemstones.  I could begin to intuitively sense the different energetic properties that they had.  I fell in love!  And now I want to share that love, through a mala, with you. 

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