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Here comes IMPORTANT Information

Humans have been ascribing meanings and qualities to stones and gems for milenia.  I use the Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, as well as my own intuition, experience and opinion of what I notice when I work with the gems, as a guide to the prevailing energetic properties of each stone.  

I truly believe each person will have their own personal experience of each gemstone and thereby know what "feels right" to them, regardless of what the printed guidelines or opinions may say.

This being said, these guidelines and opinions are NEVER MEANT AS A DIAGNOSIS OF ANY SORT OR A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT.

These malas are an artful expression of fashion and a tool to use in meditation.  While I personally find them helpful on an energetic and physical level, I cannot and would not categorically say what your own experience will be.  Please explore them yourself as one more tool in your toolbox of things that help you to feel happy and well.

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