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This is an individually hand-made product of natural materials and thus variations and inconsistancies may be present.  It is made with natural gemstones, hence inconsistencies in size and color may also be present.   It is strung on strong cording; however, to maximize the life of your mala, do not wear in water.  Do not expose to any cleaners or acids as it will harm the stones. Be mindful not to accidentally bang against hard surfaces-stones can break.  If need be, simply dust with a dry cloth.


  • This mala is 1st of 3 in the Goddess series. first photo shows from left to right, earth, sun and moon goddess malas.

    108 lovingly handknotted gemstones of faceted garnet and kunzite with a faceted clear quartz guru bead and moonstone pendant. 

    Garnet - This stone has deep running earth energies thathelp one to ground and strengthen the root chakra. It supports one's vitality and endurance and cultivates a sense of safety, security and abundance.  It supports one's ability to realistically manifest their dreams.

    Kunzite - Teaches the value of joy and celebration.  It encourages us to approach each experience with optimism and excitement.

    Moonstone - Represents the power of the full moon; the goddess; mystery; and intuition.  Evokes patience and appropriate action.  Teaches the value of working with Divine timing.  Acts as a prism diffusing energy through the aura and keeping it clear of negativity.


    This mala is approximately 16.5" total length with a 1.75" x 1" pendant.  The predominant colors are deep purplish/red, pale lavendar, and irridescent white.  please note that different computer monitors may portray colors as slightly different than they are in real life.

  • Each mala comes with its own intuited message that will be included with the piece.

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