108 lovingly hand-knotted gemstones of tigereye, citrine and black onyx with tigereye guru bead and tigereye pendant.  predominant colors are golden, yellow, brown and black.  approximate length is 17.5


tigereye - discernment, strength and vitality.  supports physical energy.  helps to overcome fatigue or discouragement.  creates harmony and balance.


citrine - activates imagination and manifestation.  helps bring divine energy into form through intention and action.  helps one to persist even in the face of obstacles. 


black onyx - inner strength, focused attention, willpower and discipline.  helps one to focus their energy towards the positive.  stimulates the connection between the 1st chakra and the feet.  grounding.  increases perseverance.

Going the extra mile for what I want.

  • This is an individually hand-made product of natural materials and thus variations and inconsistancies may be present.  It is made with natural gemstones, hence inconsistencies in size and color may also be present. . This mala can be worn around the neck or loosely wrapped around the wrist.  It is a beautiful fashion piece; however, it is meant to be used as meditation aid and is made with strong, German-made nylon cord so that it will hold up to daily handling.  Do not wear in water.  Do not expose to any cleaners or acids as it will harm the stones.  If need be, simply dust with a dry cloth.