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108 lovingly hand-knotted gemstones of rose quartz, white moonstone and amethyst with a faceted clear quartz guru bead and rose quartz donut shaped penndant.  predominant colors are pale white, pink, purple and clear.  Overall length is approximately  17".

rose quartz - release of worry, fear, anxiety and stress.  promotes gentleness and increases connection to the divine.  all about love.


amethyst - facilitates connection with guides and angels.  supports development of intuitive and psychic abilities.  helps one identify habits and patterns that create imbalances.


white moonstone - stimulates kundalini energy and psychic perceptions. enhances vision and dream work.


clear quartz - the programmable stone.  resonates with the vibrations of your personal intention.  clearing, cleansing, healing and magnifies the vibrations of the stones around it.

I Trust

  • This is an individually hand-made product of natural materials and thus variations and inconsistancies may be present.  It is made with natural gemstones, hence inconsistencies in size and color may also be present. . This mala can be worn around the neck or loosely wrapped around the wrist.  It is a beautiful fashion piece; however, it is meant to be used as meditation aid and is made with strong, German-made nylon cord so that it will hold up to daily handling.  Do not wear in water.  Do not expose to any cleaners or acids as it will harm the stones.  If need be, simply dust with a dry cloth.

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