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This is an individually hand-made product of natural materials and thus variations and inconsistancies may be present. It is made with natural gemstones, hence inconsistencies in size and color may also be present. . This mala is strung on strong, nylon cord and meant for daily meditation use; however in order to extend the life of your piece, it is suggested that you do not wear in water. Do not expose to any cleaners or acids as it will harm the stones. If need be, simply dust with a dry cloth.


  • 108 lovingly hand knotted gemstones of moss agate, aventurine, tree agate and clar quartz with an aventurine guru bead and sunburst quartz pendant. 

    Moss Agate - Brings peace and stability to the emotional body supporting one to feel a sense of wholeness and calm.  Develops determination and persistence that allows one to deal with the challenges of daily life.  helps one connect with nature.

    Tree Agate - Wealth, prosperity and abundance.  Deepens meditation especially when in nature.  Inspires gratitude.

    Green Aventurine - The good luck stone.  Increases abundance in all ways.

    Quartz - Magnifies your personal intentions when you meditate with it and increases the vibrations of the stones that surround it.


    16.5" overall length and 1" diameter pendant.

  • Each mala comes with its own intuited message that will be included with the piece.

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