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108 lovingly hand-knotted gemstones of morganite and selenite with a selenite gure bead and morganite pendant.

predominant colors are pale shades of white and pink.  overall approximate length is 17" and the pendant is approximately 1"x1.75"


Morganite - attuned to the frequency of Divine Love.  cleanses the heart and emotional body.  connects with Universal Heart frequency.  Helps one to recognize emotional patterns that need to be cleared before beginning a new relationship.  Helps one move out of judgment and separation and into a more Holistic paradigm.  teaches protection through love rather than fear.


Selenite - opens door to etheric chakras.  opens, clears and activates crown chakra transforming to gateway to higher levels of self.  allows for freer flow of energy through highest chakras.  suppports one to overcome stagnation; not succumb to illusion of security and comfort; move forward in one's life.

The Greatest Love of All

  • This is an individually hand-made product of natural materials and thus variations and inconsistancies may be present.  It is made with natural gemstones, hence inconsistencies in size and color may also be present. . This mala can be worn around the neck or loosely wrapped around the wrist.  It is a beautiful fashion piece; however, it is meant to be used as meditation aid and is made with strong, German-made nylon cord so that it will hold up to daily handling.  Do not wear in water.  Do not expose to any cleaners or acids as it will harm the stones.  If need be, simply dust with a dry cloth.

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